Getting Started: The Friendly Guide to Buying your New Home

15 June 2016

Posted by Jan Enrique Naguiat

Home selection entails a great deal of investigation. At times, home buyers end up regretting their purchase only because they failed to thoroughly inspect their prospective units and assess whether these properties suit their needs. Hence, it is essential to find a property that matches your lifestyle to ensure long-term comfort and contentment. This guide lists which factors to consider when buying your new home.



Location is perhaps the decisive factor in home buying. Take into consideration where your prospective home is situated. How early do you intend to wake up when you head to the office or bring your kids to school? When out for a drive, do you fancy dropping by a coffee shop just five minutes away from your home? Though a bit more expensive, there are prime areas where properties are of closer proximity to commercial establishments and business centers.

Also take into account if the area is hazard-prone. Is it near a fault line? Is it at risk of landslides and flash floods? There are resources online that will help you gather information on these aspects. After all, sipping hot chocolate while watching the rain fall is so much better than shoveling floodwater out of your house, right?



While it primarily depends on your preference, opting for properties with secure and pleasant surroundings commonly found within gated communities is a favorable start for your home search. Aside from the obvious, notice as well the ambient sounds. If it is possible for you to check your prospective property at different times of the day, observe if there are vehicular noises during rush hour or if you hear pedestrian chatter at night. Notice, too, if the rays of the sun come in during sunrise or noon. Feel how much heat permeates through the rooms. Also consider the neighborhood. Living among a like-minded community enables comfortable socializing.



With a family of four, would it be wise to search for a home large enough for ten? Figuring out how much space you truly need is tricky. Having an undersized home will leave you constantly reconfiguring space to make it work. A larger one, on the other hand, will allow extra space, but can you afford it? Remember that it is paramount to live within your lifestyle and means.

When searching for a home, always be guided by the right questions. Does it have enough bedrooms? Is there enough storage for all of your belongings? In addition to considering your current living situation, think about the future. If you intend to have three or more kids, better plan for that now and anticipate home space. Aspire for an ideal balance that will provide your family enough space to grow.



Pricing might be the least exciting factor in home buying. Nevertheless, leaving it unconsidered will turn your dream home into a nightmare. Pushing your budget to the limit will leave you less for other incurred expenses apart from monthly amortization. Consider property taxes, utilities, and association fees before signing checks. Exercise due diligence. Familiarize yourself with the monthly and yearly average payments, and remember the ones that are perpetual. This might be your biggest purchase in your lifetime, so aside from making sure that you are comfortable in your home, you also have to be certain that you are capable of financing it.



If you have been browsing online or have been conducting inspections of your prospective homes, you might have started weighing on what differentiates each option from the other. Indeed, it is important to determine what else a property can offer apart from providing shelter. Some home builders take pride in offering homes that use high-quality construction materials and finishes. Others include additional features such as walk-in closets and built-in storage spaces.


Aesthetics and Layout

Excellent aesthetics is a source of pride for a homeowner, which is why the overall appearance of a home plays a crucial role given that it is noticed at the onset. Can you visualize yourself and your family living in any of your prospective homes? Does the facade or interior reflect your personality? Always keep in mind that comfort comes not only from the environment, but in finding a style that fits your personality and that of your family.


Consider the points above as benchmarks to finding your dream home. It may be overwhelming at first, but investing time in making a decision makes the accomplishment greater. Should you find yourself at a loss, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Metrostar property broker at (02) 3328200, (02) 2635885 or For more information, visit


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