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The Company

Metrostar Realty and Development Inc. engages primarily in developing, marketing, and managing horizontal residential communities and aims to become a recognized player in the Philippine real estate development industry. The company is composed of forward-looking and passionate individuals who are committed to excellence and compliant with strict standards. Its team is comprised of competent designers and builders who envision and create what buyers of today aspire‚ÄĒcontemporary, minimalist, and cost-effective residences that combine architectural creativity, functionality, and elegance.


Metrostar Realty and Development Inc. is committed to be a partner in nation building by providing ideal living spaces to Filipino families in key cities, with modern architectural designs and using advanced construction techniques.

As a corporate entity, MRDI aims to deliver excellent after sales service and balance the interests and needs of the stakeholders.


Build a reputation in the real estate industry as a committed and socially responsible organization
that improves the lives of people in a modern living environment.